Caring Company

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is high on the agenda of Microware. We care for and make contribution to the communities in which we operate. We support the protection of the environment and wildlife. We strive for ongoing development and believe education can play a fundamental role and empower our youth for a bright future.

In recent years, Microware actively participated in various community service and charitable activities ranging from community care, environmental protection and education. The beneficiaries include The Community Chest of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Red Cross, Sowers Action and Hong Kong Christian Council etc.

Some of the Microware CSR activities were as follows:


  • Awarded Caring Company by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services for the 8th consecutive year since 2007, in recognition of our enduring efforts and commitment to corporate citizenship.
  • Donation to The Community Chest "Corporate Contribution Program" & "Christmas Greeting for the Chest" since 2008.
  • Donation to the "Five Loaves and Two Fish: Action by Churches Together" organized by the Hong Kong Christian Council to tackle rural poverty in mainland. Participated in the "Trek for Child Charity Walk", in which the funds were used to support the initiation of the "Rural China Orphan Sponsorship" programme.
  • Participated in "Dragon Boat Festival Elderly Care Programme" organized by Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service. Volunteers expressed their love and care to the elderly by visiting them and gave away traditional Chinese rice dumplings and gifts.
  • Participated in "Mid-Autumn Festival Elderly Care Programme" organized by Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service. Volunteers brought with them traditional Chinese mooncakes to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with the elderly.


  • To sponsor and participate in the Walk for Nature, the annual fundraising event at Mai Po Nature Reserve, organized by World Wild Fund (WWF) Hong Kong since 2011. The Walk for Nature is one of WWF's major public outreach and fundraising events, highlighting the importance of wildlife conservation to participants by providing a first-hand experience of wetlands and wildlife.


  • Set up of Microware Sponsorship and Microware Bursary with the donation to benefit local university students with outstanding academic achievements and with financial needs respectively.
  • Subsidized the "Rebuilding Collapsing School Project" through the Hong Kong Christian Council to help rebuild primary school in Guangxi, China. In May 2011, the rebuilding project of 廣西省梧州市藤縣和平鎮雙垌小學 was completed and the school was renamed 廣西藤縣和平鎮雙垌煥珍小學. With the support of this project, students and teachers in China can study in a safe and stable school premises.
  • Sponsored 40 IT students to participate in Beijing Olympics volunteer activities.